So now that you have found your ideal coffee machine lets look at some of the many accessories available. Whether you have a traditional pump espresso machine, a convenient pod machine or you are looking for the perfect gift for a coffee lover our list of the best, most popular coffee machine accessories will guide you in the right direction.


Espresso Coffee Machine Accessories

ESE Podsilly ESE Espresso Coffee Paper Pods

Easy Serving Espresso pods are like a coffee teabag only with tightly packed coffee. These 18 illy pods are individually packed and are more convenient and less messy then freshly ground coffee. They are compatible with most traditional pump espresso machines and fit inside the specifically designed filter.

illy is a unique blend of 100% superior Arabica coffee beans for a maximum flavour and a rich, fragrant aroma. They are packed in a pressurized container therefor retaining the freshness of the contents.

Some of the top supermarkets no longer stock this type of coffee pod but they are available online.


Available now at


Coffee Knock boxMotta Stainless Steel 7750 Knock Box

For anyone with a manual Espresso machine that is using ground coffee rather that E.S.E pods, a knock box is one of those items you don’t realise you need until you get one!

Motta is one of Italy’s premiere stainless steel manufacturers and this small but high quality knock box is guaranteed to impress. It is mirror polished on the outside and has a heavy, thick rubber pad on the bottom to absorb shock. It cost a little more than the plastic models but the quality is significantly better. Also because this item is stainless steel it is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Overall a great accessory to your Espresso machine.

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NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine Accessories

Cafe Au Lait

Cafe Au Lait Intenso pods

For those Dolce Gusto owners out there have you heard about the new Cafe Au Lait Intenso pods?

Creamy and tasty just like the original Cafe Au Lait pods but with an extra caffeine punch! Perfect for that early morning coffee.

Not all supermarkets are stocking them yet so stock up on line right now!




Available now at


Dolce Gusto Coffee Pod Holder

If like me you are sick off boxes of pods around the kitchen this pod holder is a smart alternative to a messy countertop.

The sliding drawer holds 36 coffee capsules and have a new improved sturdy design. The top of the stand is anti vibration, non slip, drip proof rubber that reduces noise whilst providing a safe secure grip surface coffee machine. If you are someone that needs a little more storage this holders can be stacked.




Available now at


dolce gusto starbucks coffee podsDolce Gusto Starbucks Pods

In February Nestlé unveiled a new range of Starbucks branded coffee products that include a selection of your coffee shop favourites for you Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine.

Nestle and Starbucks have worked together to create 8 Starbucks coffees which include;

Americano House Blend Medium Roast, Americano Veranda Blend Blonde Roast, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Caramel Macchiato, Colombia Medium Roast Espresso, Espresso Dark Roast and Blonde Espresso Roast.


Available now at

If you are an Amazon Prime member there are some great deals on the Dolce Gusto Coffee Pods through Amazon Panty starting at £4 per box.


BOSCH Tassimo Coffee Machine Accessories

Tassimo 60 Disc Stackable Stand

This product is a stackable drawer that has an anti vibration, non slip surface so your Tassimo coffee machine can be safely placed on top. This is great for anyone with a smaller kitchen where space is limited, saving valuable workspace by storing yor Tassimo coffee machine ontop. The sliding drawer has 10 sections to separate your favourite flavours and holds up to 60 coffee capsules. This stand is also stackable so you are not limited to 60 pods. If you have the compact Tassimo Vivy you also have room for cup storage at the side.

Available now at

Bosch Tassimo T-discs

Tassimo have some of the best variety pods from well known brands such as Kenco, Carte Noir, Costa, L’OR as well as Cadbury’s hot chocolate and a range of Twinning’s teas. Most are available at you local supermarket but you can get them a little cheaper if ordered from Amazon. If you have only just purchased a Tassimo machine or like to have a variety of options this pack is ideal containing 22 different drinks so there should be something for everyone.


Nespresso Coffee Machine Accessories

Barbantia pod holderBrabantia Nespresso Capsule Holder

If you are looking for an alternative to the basic wire pod holders look no further than this stylish matt steel Brabantia dispenser. It have the quality you expect from Barbantia products with their 10 year guarantee also included. The holder is a simple but effective design with six slots each holding up to five capsules in each allowing easy access to up to six different types of capsule.

The Brabantia capsule holder has a small container in centre ideal for storing tea spoons, more capsules or even used capsules until you are ready to recycle. The container; also matt steel is removable, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

The only negative is that it doesn’t rotate but I haven’t found this an issue and definitely not a deal breaker.




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Cactus Pod holderCactus Coffee Capsule Holder

There as so many different types of pod holders for the Nespresso it’s difficult to choose. Instead of the bog standard holders why not make a feature of your coffee pods with the cactus coffee capsule holder.

This funky reversible dispenser holds up to 50 Nespresso pods and is sure to be a talking point with your guests. Not only will it keep surfaces clutter free it will look great beside your coffee machine. Do you know other people with a Nespresso coffee machine? We think this cactus  capsule holder would also make the perfect gift for coffee loving family or friends.




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General Coffee Machine Accessories

Milk JugMedium Stainless Steel Milk Jug / Frothing Jug

A simple but stylish milk frothing jug is a barista’s essential. The KitchenCraft stainless steel jug with brushed interior and mirror-polished exterior looks great, and is tough enough for everyday use.

With a capacity of 600 ml (1 pint) this handy sized jug is perfect for making two generously sized lattes or cappuccinos. The jug measures 10.5 cm (4 in) tall, so it fits under most coffee machine steam wands and has a sturdy looped handle with plenty of clearance so no burnt fingers! Of course there is no point having a jug that doesn’t pour properly, this jug has an easy-pour spout  so you can even use it for precision latte art.


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Set of 6 Latte Coffee Glasses- 240ml

These high quality latte glasses are the perfect accessory for your machine. They are 11cm high, made from strong durable glass and are dishwasher safe. The elegant looking glasses fit the majority of coffee machines, with a 240ml capacity and heatproof glass they can be used of all your hot drinks not just a latte. Perfect for a hot drink on a cold winter night.



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Milk frother

VENTUCI Milk Frother

With this powerful but elegant milk frother has a super quiet motor and creates creamy foam about 15-20 seconds. This handheld milk frother has a stainless steel handle and whisk that are very durable and made to last.

You can make professional coffee shop style frothy cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate and many other delicious hot & cold drinks in your own home. You don’t need a bulky cappuccino maker or an expensive steamer. This deluxe stainless steel handheld milk frother will make the thickest, frothiest, creamiest milk in just a few seconds.



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Coffee Machine Accessories
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