Delonghi DedicaThis slim line Delonghi Dedica Espresso Machine will be a firm favorite in any coffee lovers kitchen. It has a high quality metal body, chrome finishing and professional filter holder but as it’s designed for home use so very easy to use. You do not need to be a barista to get the most from this machine. With your choice of ground coffee you can prepare the perfect strong espresso or your favorite frothy cappuccino. Because it has hot water delivery function you can even make a cup of tea!

Espresso machines are slightly more difficult to use and can be a little messy but are worth it for a decent coffee. The Delonghi Dedica does make the process quite easy though. The espresso machine itself is a simple, contemporary design and at only 15cm wide the slimmest on the market. Although small in design it is big in features. It comes with three filters, a single, a double and ESE compatible filter and a double-ended tamper/measuring spoon. (Always firmly tamp your ground coffee into the filter, the harder you press the stronger the espresso).

Dedica Frother

The Delonghi Dedica features Thermoblock technology and rapid heat up, you can choose 3 different temperature levels, is ready to use in 30-40 seconds and maintains the perfect temperature throughout. You can choose from single, double or two single espresso’s and with programmable dosing buttons you can save your preferences allowing for consistent results every time. With the cappuccino system and double drip tray use either small espresso glasses or large mugs to prepare Latte Macchiato, Caffelatte, Flat White, Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Hot Milk and Tea. Use the cappuccino systems adjustable steam arm to create frothy cappuccinos and smooth lattes and you can even impress your friends with a little latte art for that finishing touch like a real barista!

As we mentioned Espresso machines can be a little messy so some people prefer to use more convenient Delonghi Dedica compatible pods. These are not like a traditional coffee pods. The Delonghi Dedica uses E.S.E (Easy Serving Espresso) pods. These pods are often individually packed in a sachets like a coffee bag, with the coffee tightly packed. They are compatible with most traditional pump espresso machines and fit inside the supplied and specifically designed filter.

If you want the complete barista experience with fresh coffee ground straight into the filter holder there is a matching, compatible, professional grinder. See our article on Coffee Grinders which includes the Delonghi Dedica KG 521.M 

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What is Thermoblock technology?

ThermoblockThermoblock machines heat the water as it is used making them smaller and much cheaper than a conventional boiler. Single thermoblock machines allow you to heat the water for espresso, then immediately for steam and quickly back for another shot of espresso by passing the water at different speeds through the system. This ensures required temperature is perfect every time.
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