Morphy Richards pour over filter coffee maker

Currently priced at , with the Accents Pour Over Filter Coffee Maker Morphy Richards has combined the superior taste of manual pour over coffee, with the ease and convenience of a programmable machine. Its great for those who love the true taste of coffee but want convenient and quick delivery. Pour over methods are becoming increasingly popular due to the fuller, smoother taste. To you create the taste you need two things, a cupcake filter and the correct process of delivering the water.

The Morphy Richards Accents Pour Over Filter Coffee Maker achieves this by using a pour over shower head that evenly disperses the water over the coffee grounds. This process initially delivers a small amount of water over the grounds and allows the coffee a few minutes to bloom (releases carbon dioxide and extracts the flavours), then the rest is dispensed the full coverage of the grounds so maximum flavour can be extracted from the coffee. Secondly the cupcake shaped filter allows even coverage of the coffee, avoiding over and under-extraction of coffee which is commonly found when using cone shaped filters. The cupcake filter can be used with or without additional disposable filters.

morphy richards dialThe machine includes a programmable timer so you can pre-set the time you wish your coffee to be brewed, perfect if you like to wake up to the smell of coffee. It also includes a coffee strength selector so you can tailor the strength specifically to suit your taste and automatically adjusts to the optimum brew strength when brewing small volumes (1-4 cups). The Accents Pour Over Filter Coffee Maker has a 1.8 Litre capacity so you can brew up to 12 cups at once. The keep warm function will keep your freshly brewed carafe warm for up to 30 minutes.

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This machine does everything I want it to do. Had it over a year now and didn’t want the faff of a machine that I needed to have pods for, or the expense of buying them. This one makes a lovely cup of coffee (of whatever brand you want rather than whatever particular pods you need to buy), is easy to maintain, looks good and doesn’t take up too much room. Would recommend.

Best thing I’ve ever brought my husband! Easy to use, no annoying filter papers, easy to clean, not too big and looks really stylish.

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