Tassimo My Way

With so much choice on the market for coffee pod machines these days it can make it difficult to decide which machine best suits you. Bosch have always provided affordable, easy to use machines with the Tassimo range and with this brand new machine they did not disappoint. You get the same high quality, stylish machine but unlike the previous Tassimo models with the Tassimo My Way coffee machine you can personalize your drink according to temperature, volume and intensity. The My Way is quickly becoming a firm favorite in the Tassimo Range.

It’s the first coffee maker to cater to your preferred taste. Like other models it has the INTELLIBREW system giving you the ability to make over 40 branded hot drinks such as Kenco, Carte Noir, Costa, L’OR as well as Cadbury’s hot chocolate (perfect bedtime drink for the kids) and a range of Twinning’s teas but now you can add your personal touch.

New features included on this model are:

  • Touch Sensor- Easy to use interface with touch sensor button with illuminated easy to read icons.
  • Personalise you drinks- 3 different setting for each parameter. Drink intensity, temperature and volume.
  • Save your favorite- Memory function for saving the 3 settings. 4 easy button for the intuitive save process.

Because you can store up to four profiles with the machine’s memory function if you prefer your Americano a little bigger or your espresso a little stronger, no problem. It’s easy to make everyone’s favorite drinks at the touch of a button, that why they have called this ‘the personal one’

All Tassimo coffee pod machines have one touch operation, no heat up time, space for any cup, easy re-fill system and auto cleaning. All machines also have the intellibrew system, simply put in your T DISC, made with real ground coffee, press start and each drink’s unique barcode will give your machine all the information it needs to create the perfect cup.

With branded coffee pods available from local supermarkets or online its easy to make a barista style Costa coffee from your own kitchen or office. And if you have children there are also for their bed time drinks.

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Tassimo PodsTassimo have some of the best variety pods from well known brands such as Kenco, Carte Noir, Costa, L’OR as well as Cadbury’s hot chocolate and a range of Twinning’s teas. Most are available at you local supermarket but you can get them a little cheaper if ordered from Amazon. If you have only just purchased a Tassimo machine or just like to have a variety of options this pack is ideal containing 22 different drinks so there should be something for everyone.

Bosch Tassimo Descaling Tablets

Tassimo Descale kitThe best way to keep your Tassimo machine in working order and your coffee tasting great is by using descaling tablets when the icon lights up. These tablets remove limescale residue and calcium deposits that build up over time, keeping it in the best condition possible.

Each pack contains 4 tablets, for two descaling treatments. (2 tablets per treatment recommended)

Instructions for descaling your Bosch Tassimo Coffee Machine



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